NB COMMUNICATION - Designers of this website. Great designers and good guys all round - 

PROMOTE SHETLAND - Shetland's new 'home-grown' tourism and destination marketing organisation. Lots of info for anyone visiting or considering a move to Shetland. Good webcam service too!! Great supporters of cultural issues and elements -

SHETLAND MUSIC. For a wealth of information on Shetland music and many Shetland artists past and and present -

SHETLAND FOLK FESTIVAL. The islands premier music event and no mistake. One not to be missed - although be warned, it's not for the faint hearted.

SHETLAND FIDDLE FRENZY -  A week long Shetland fiddle school, complete with concerts, sessions, excursions, adventures, late nights and much much more. Another event not for the faint hearted, but very much worth the effort -

SHETLAND ARTS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY,. Shetland's local arts development agency, my ex place of employment -

NAVIGATOR RECORDS - Great record label owned by Tom Rose and home to Dean Owens and many other fine artists -

GREENTRAX RECORDS - One of Scotland's finest record labels and home to Fiddlers Bid and Bodega -

WATERCOLOUR MUSIC- Another very fine Scottish label and production company, home to Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seoid among other wonderful artists -

SHETLAND NEWS - Shetland's web-based news lifeline -

SHETLAND TIMES - Shetland's legendary and award winning newspaper -

HUGO MORRIS - A hugely talented London based photographer who did the shots for Dean Owens 'Whisky Hearts' album -

CRAIG CHAPMAN - Another hugely talented photographer, this time based in Shetland. Some great live music pictures -

BILLY FOX PHOTOGRAPHY - More great photos from a Shetland based photographer. Again music plays a big role -

BEN MULLAY PHOTOGRAPHY - Yet more photos from Shetland - this time from a young photographer relatively new to the scene.

WOODEN SHIP PRODUCTIONS USA - One of America's top music agencies, home to Bodega for their North American and Canadian tours. Great agency, great people, great food...... -

REVEAL RECORDS - Another Tom Rose revelation. Sister label to Navigator Records and home to some fantastic artists such as Joan as Policewoman. Independant music rules!!!! -

KOK MANAGEMENT - Shetland music is all about fiddles right!!! Wrong......check out this local promoter and agent -

HEBRIDEAN CELTIC FESTIVAL - One of Scotland best festivals and no mistake -

CELTIC CONNECTIONS - Probably Scotland premier and best known festival. Features many Shetland and indeed AEMS acts on an annual basis -

CELTIC COLOURS - A fantastic Cape Breton based festival. A home from home festival (if you can stand the pace) Fantastic!!!! -

MILWAUKEE IRISH FESTIVAL - Another cracking festival - one of the biggest in the USA. Lots of Scottish interest there too -

TONDER FESTIVAL - One of Scandinavia's, well to be more accurate Denmark's finest (if not Europe's). Another not to miss event!!!  -

 OXFORD FIDDLE GROUP - A group dedicated to the preservation and performance of traditional music from all walks of life. Strong links to Shetland via Shetland Fiddle Frenzy -

BODEGA'S AMERICAN FAN CLUB - A site dedicated to the USA's love for this brilliant wee band.

HANDS UP FOR TRAD - The excellent organisation behind a great deal of what's going on in Scottish trad music circles - including the Scottish Trad Music Awards.

FOOTSTOMPIN MUSIC -  A great Scottish based record label and a great place to buy Scottish music of all kinds.