Artist Agency

Artist Agency

AEMS also offers live music agency services – gig and tour organisation - to its artists, drawing on an extensive local, national and international network of contacts, built up over many years. 

Bookings for its artists are sought across a wide sphere, from the largest national and international festivals, concert halls and theatres, to smaller venues, including clubs and traditional music societies.

AEMS also works in partnership with other agents and agencies on the UK mainland, USA and Canada, Europe and beyond, to further expand its service in this context and create the widest performing potential for its artists.  Saltfishforty

Artists represented currently include:

  • The Chair
  • Saltfishforty
  • Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
  • Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seóid
  • Rock Salt & Nails
  • Ross Couper & Tom Oakes
  • JP Cormier
  • Spragg Session
  • John Goldie 


In an agency capacity AEMS is also willing to consider ‘one-off’ representation for artists seeking live performances within the UK, especially Scotland, although this would be subject to individual negotiations and company decisions.

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For further information on any of the AEMS artists listed above, including upcoming gigs and availability, please visit the ‘Artists’ pages on this website.Rock Salt and Nails John Goldie