TV and Film

Over the past few years I have gained extensive experience (and hopefully a positive reputation) as a Local Production Assistant ('Fixer') for TV and film productions in Shetland.

Having lived in Shetland all my life I have an extensive knowledge of the islands and know a great many people throughout the local community - primarily due to the range of employment, community related services etc I have undertaken throughout that time.

Tasks in respect of local production services include:

  • Sourcing / identifying local filming locations throughout Shetland.
  • Arranging 'shoots' in specific local areas and with any individuals owning or connected to such areas .
  • Arranging agreements or contracts with same where necessary.
  • Sourcing and arranging equipment, props and consumables.
  • Arranging local actors and 'extras'.
  • Arranging travel, accommodation and general logistics.
  • Managing budgets for the above.
  • Generally providing a sound background of local knowledge to support the overall production while located / operating in Shetland.

I provided this service over an extended period with regard to the planning, pre-production and filming of a wide range of local scenes for the Norwegian National TV (NTV) drama 'Himmelbla' - the most successful television programme in Norwegian history.

I also provided similar services for Caliafornian based production company 'Lizard Productions' during their pre-production and completion phases (rig-out / de-rig) for the Discovery Channel TV series 'Whale Wars'.