Media / PR / Marketing / Freelance Journalism / Broadcasting

AEMS management offer clients and customers an extensive media, freelance journalism, PR and general marketing related service, due to many years experience within local and national media environments.

Manager David Gardner has been involved with local radio station BBC Radio Shetland in terms of broadcasting, interviewing, reporting and production for almost twenty years, delivering not only his own programmes, chiefly music and culture related, but also reporting on broader local and national news issues.

In addition he has acted as a freelance reporter for Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Orkney and for local publications such as the Shetland Times and ‘II Shetland’ and media related company’s and agencies such as the Shetland News.

Over and above being in a position to offer freelance journalism and broadcasting services, these skills can also be utilised to provide and support clients and customers with an extensive network of contacts and direct access to media related outlets.

Services on offer include general marketing and publicity across a wide range of issues and areas, press releases and radio plugging services.