Project Management

AEMS can offer services across a wide range of overall project management issues, again based on the business and general experience / knowledge of its management.

The company’s manager David Gardner not only spent a significant period of time employed in the private industry sector with firms such as Shell Expro (17 years), but also has wide experience of the public sector, most specifically while co-ordinating Shetland Arts Trust’s Music Development Project (8 years) in a local, national and international context.

Just some of the individual projects and their components he has managed, or help manage, are:

Shetland Arts Music Development Project

Incorporating elements such as:

  • Marketing
  • Education Initiatives
  • Live Music Promotions
  • Festival Organisation
  • Tourism and Visitor related initiatives
  • General Infrastructure Building – including technical provision
  • Training Initiatives
  • Youth Initiatives
  • Admin and budget management requirements
  • Funding applications
  • PR and Media requirements
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Inter-agency partnership working

Whilst employed by Shetland Arts Trust in this capacity David Gardner was also very much involved with the overall public consultation process, concept and design of ‘Mareel’ – Shetland’s proposed cinema and music centre facility – together with many of the PR and politically related issues surrounding it.

The Swan Initiative

AEMS have been contracted by the Swan Trust in Shetland, who own, manage and operate the 100 years old converted fishing vessel the ‘Swan’, to design and manage a programme of summer sailings and associated culture related events for them, aimed at attracting visitors to Shetland and users for their vessel.Swan Trip Musicians

The project elements include working in partnership not only with the Trust itself, but additionally with various local and external agencies including Visit Shetland and Shetland Islands Council, plus private travel companies etc to deliver an effective programme of events for the Trust and its customers.

Six individual three-day-long trips are planned for summer and autumn 2008 and hopefully annually thereafter. The voyages are aimed at giving participants (visitors and locals) an opportunity to view Shetland from the sea, especially its outlying islands, while actually crewing and sailing the vessel.

These boat trips are coupled to an aim of providing customers with an additional and wide ranging taste of our unique culture and heritage, including – music, traditional dance, storytelling, fishing, wildlife viewing, social evenings ashore plus onboard entertainment and lots more.Trip Sunset - Fair Isle

Participants can stay onboard the vessel if they wish for the full duration of the voyage, while all food is also included in the cost (in effect full-board) and full training will be given where necessary.

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In 2009 AEMS was contracted by NRK (Norwegian National Television) to act as 'Production Fixer' for the filming of the Shetland based episodes of their hugely successful TV series 'Himmelbla, and to meet and deliver against a very tight operating schedule and budget.

In effect this meant not only making all necessary production arrangements for the 'shoot' including actors, props, production equipment, ancilliary equipment and services etc etc, but also managing general logistics, travel and accommodation, budgets, contracts, admin and media related elements relating to same.  

The 'shoot' was delivered successfully and within budget.