Rock, Salt and Nails

Rock, Salt and Nails

Another internationally acclaimed Shetland act who’s ‘pull out all the stops’, high energy live act will leave you (and probably them too) breathless. 

Rock Salt and Nails already have a number of highly successful albums to their name and an international live tour and festival appearance list that would be the envy of many other ‘top of the pile’ acts.

The band comprises front-man Paul Johnston on guitar, vocals and banjo; Fiona Johnston on keyboards and vocals; Linda Irvine on fiddle and vocals; John Clark on bass and Davie Jamieson on drums – although don’t be surprised to find additional band members or special guests appearing with this band at any given time. Surprise is certainly their by-word.

To say they cover all bases is certainly an understatement. Sure, you can dance and throw yourselves around to their music, but you can equally sit back and simply enjoy the whole experience – the choice is yours, and with this band you can go where the mood takes you.

Unlike many other Shetland acts, the emphasis is on song rather than purely instrumental elements, although having said that many of the songs harbor exciting traditionally inspired instrumental ‘breaks’ into the bargain, with the fiddle perhaps inevitably taking front-stage at these times. 

One thing is certain however - no one will feel left out, as this is one band who take their audience as seriously as they do themselves and their music. You will be ‘engaged’, that at the very least we can promise you.

When Rock Salt and Nails (and especially front-man Paul Johnston) are in town, be prepared for a ‘pulls no punches’ event, hold onto your seats and best tie down anything that is likely to be blown away. Hopefully it will only be you that will be blown away in this respect. Paul Johnston - Photo Craig Chapman

Catch them and you’ll see what we mean.

Paul Johnston is also available for solo performances.

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